Posted on: May 12, 2008 7:27 pm

I doubt anyone will read this, but...

I can't stand the way mass media is starting to pander to the stupid. Political correctness is at a high, to the extent where nobody is poor, they are instead "financially deprived". On the TV News channels, you'll get 5 hours of coverage on how Miley Cyrus looks like a prostitute, but nothing regarding the fact that the only reason that she's famous in the first place is that a hack one-hit-wonder pimped out his daughter to make some cash. Depending on where you look, you'll either get a love fest for the current President or an outright condemnation. It's almost as if we, as a culture, can't think for ourselves anymore. At my school, nobody is "moderate" (well, except for me that is). They're ready to get into a brawl with a follower of whatever political ideology they despise when they themselves don't even know what it is they stand for.

I also can't stand the hypocrisy that seems to have taken root at the core of American society today. People call for change from above when they are too comfortable (or lazy) to make an effort themselves. Cindy Sheehan claims that Bush is a dictator, then goes canoodling with Hugo Chavez. Bill O'Rielly campaigns for decency and then gets sued for sexual harrassment.

To quote one of my favorite movies, "I'm mad as Hell!" Unfortunately, though, I have to take it. That is, until I can finally make an impact, and not be dismissed because of my age or "inexperience". In the meantime, I encourage anyone who has already surpassed these hurdles to act in whatever way you think is best to improve our lot. Whatever you can do to change our world for the better is your duty.

It is the New Man's Burden.

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